Örarevet Nature Reserve

Adresse: Örarevets naturreservat, 385 97 Söderåkra Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Örarevets naturreservat, 385 97 Söderåkra

At the two-kilometers-long esker Örarevet you can enjoy unlimited fresh air, lovely bath, beautiful scenery and a truly unique birdlife.

This is a wonderful area for walking and recreation with well-stocked barbecue places where you can usefully enjoy your grill basket. Örarevet has short grasslands and juniper bushes, rare plants and abundant birdlife. Some 40 species of birds are more or less settled and best known is probably the cormorant, or "ålakråkan". Adjacent to nature reserve is also beautiful cycling and hiking trails.

Maps and stage descriptions are available at the tourist office in Bergkvara. It is also possible to order material via email at turistbyran@torsas.se. Printable stage descriptions from our bike and hiking trails can be found below.

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