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Adresse: Karnaberg Torsås Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Karnaberg Torsås

Near the road between Söderåkra and Påryd is Karnaberg, a big collection of giant boulders since the ice age with deep caves and long corridors - an excellent hiding place for thieves and evildoers.

Among these giant boulders, parked since the Ice Age, it is free to climb, and crawl! There is also a small barbecue.
The notorious "Thief Manna Pelle," which was beheaded in Vassmolösa 1850, was just one of many who used Karnaberg nest and treasure trove. A more exciting destination, especially for families with children, may be hard to find. Maybe you will find a hidden treasure. Do not forget flashlights and comfortable clothing.

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Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Entfernung: 11,6 km
Familie Johansson kümmert sich persönlich um ihre Gäste. Herrliche Naturumgebung mit abwechslungsreicher Vegetation und heimischen Tierarten. Historisches Ambiente mit bestem Komfort.
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Solbackens Bed & Breakfast

Entfernung: 12,8 km
Solbackens B&B is located in a rural atmopsphere in the small village of Torsås, about 10 mins walk from the village center and bus station.

Allfargatan 26, Box 503, 385 25 Torsås, Tfn 0486-331 00, Fax 0486-331 05, Orgnr 212000-0696, BG 642-3446, info@torsas.se