Slöjdleden (“The Crafts Trail”) on bicycle

Adresse: Torsås Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Torsås

The crafts trail - Torsås: about 100 km. Cycling around in the handicrafts area, from coast to inland, through forests, past meadows, stone walls and fences.

Along the trail you can explore the cave Dackegrottan, visit Karl's chambers or try moving the 35-ton heavy Vippstenen. If you do not want to take the whole trail in one go, there are plenty of opportunities for day-long bike rounds. Find the right way from the start; bike and hiking map is available at the Tourist Office in Bergkvara or at the town hall in Torsås.

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Unterkünfte in der Nähe

Hotels and guesthouses

Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Entfernung: 10,1 km
Familie Johansson kümmert sich persönlich um ihre Gäste. Herrliche Naturumgebung mit abwechslungsreicher Vegetation und heimischen Tierarten. Historisches Ambiente mit bestem Komfort.
Bed & Breakfast

Solbackens Bed & Breakfast

Entfernung: 762 Meter
Solbackens B&B is located in a rural atmopsphere in the small village of Torsås, about 10 mins walk from the village center and bus station.

Allfargatan 26, Box 503, 385 25 Torsås, Tfn 0486-331 00, Fax 0486-331 05, Orgnr 212000-0696, BG 642-3446,