Torsåsleden ( “The Torsas trail”)

Adresse: Torsås Vis kort

Adresse: Torsås

The 144-km-long Torsåsleden, divided into 11 stages, is closed as a circle. Therefore you can begin your hike anywhere and use the available rest- and overnight accommodations along the way.

Explore the cave Dackegrottan, swim in Iglasjön or why not try to move the 35-ton heavy Vippstenen? Along the coast is Torsåsleden connected to Kalmarsundsleden the north. Here is one of the Nordic region's few remaining nesting sites of the joint. If you are lucky you may see seals!
In the south, hooks Blekingeleden on in Bröms - the old boundary between Denmark and Sweden. The Danes built Brömsehus during the 1300s.

Maps and descriptions are available at the tourist office in Bergkvara. It is also possible to order material via email at Descriptions from our bike and hiking trails can be found below.

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