Pitfall for wolves (Varggropen) in Fastlycke

Adresse: Fastlycke, 38597 Söderåkra Vis kort

Adresse: Fastlycke, 38597 Söderåkra

Welkome to visit the pitfall for wolves in Fastlycke, one of Kalmar countys best kept pitfalls!

Magnus Eriksson wrote a new law in the 1350’s which said that the whole country now must follow these new written laws that included that every farm from this day on must place out a net to catch wolves in. The law changed in 1864 and later on it was declared forbidden to hunt wolf with this method. The pitfall was close to the farms just because the wolves stroke around the settlement where there was farm animals and another reasons for it to be close to the houses was that it would be easy to hear if a wolf was caught.
A pitfall for wolves is usually formed as a circle and has a size of 10-15 meter in diameter. It is typical for the pitfall to have walls that are a bit higher than the ground, just to make it a bit deeper. The walls of the pitfall can be made out of stone, just like this pitfall, but the walls can also be made out of wood or some other material. The purpose of these walls was to keep the wolf away from escaping. To lure the wolves into the pitfall the farmers placed out a bait and then covered the hole with sticks, grass and moss to catch the wolves.

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