Olssonska farm - "The Olsson Farm"

Location: Torsås
Allfargatan 17, 385 30 Torsås (show map)

Enjoy homemade cakes in central Torsås at "The Olsson farm, a well-preserved commercial farm from the 1860s.

The farm was built by the famous businessman from Torsås, Holger Nicholas Olsson. The Olsson family owned the farm for a long time, from 1890-1995, so you can see how their work style houses and gardens.

The last of the family who lived on the farm was the son Sture Olsson. Today there are seven buildings and a garden setting from 1900.

At "The Olsson Farm" activities are arranged every Sunday during the summer. In the garden you can enjoy homemade cakes and homemade cheesecake. The cafe is also open every Sunday at 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Welcome!

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+46 72-737 84 12
+46 70-896 35 77
Allfargatan 17
385 30 Torsås
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