Tånghultaduvan Clay pigeon shooting

Address: Tånghult 111B, 385 92 Gullabo Show map

Address: Tånghult 111B, 385 92 Gullabo

Try your luck at a round of clay pigeon- and target- or bow shooting in the Woods of Tånghult, in Gullabo. Bring your family, friends or colleagues to a challenging adventure.

The activity includes instruction, gun, ammunition, clay pigeons and hearing protection. Appropriate clothing and footwear is required.

Activity example: 1-3 hours of shooting (depending of the number of participants) including introduction. Coffee incl. Alcohol consumption before and during the shooting is strictly prohibited. No experience is required. Please contact the Tourist Office for more information.

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About this activity

  • Telephone number (Reservation)
    +46 48630398
  • Adress
    Tånghult 111B
  • City
    385 92 Gullabo
  • Opening Hours
    Pre-booking only
  • Price information
    adults 350 SEK, children 4-15 years 300 SEK
  • Age-limit
    Age limit 4

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